A few articles I’ve written


Where should a junior UXer work?

As soon as you walk into my apartment, you will see I have covered one of my windows in sticky notes. I’ll soon be applying for User Experience internships for the summer of 2017. 46 pink sticky notes cover the window.These are the companies around the country (maybe even one in Canada) that are offering UX internships that I am considering applying to. Initially, I found a lot more than 46 companies but based on some fundamental criteria I narrowed it down to those. I hope to find the following traits in my first job as a user experience professional.

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Design critiques are key to any successful design process. Creating in a bubble will ensure a design fulfills what you want, but obtaining solid feedback and addressing it will ensure that it meets the needs of others. Here are some of my personal takeaways and interpretations from the What is Wrong with UX podcast episode Stop Arguing with Feedback hosted by Laura Klein and Kate Rutter.

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The design critique: giving and receiving feedback

Interview with Nyah Bell

As an aspiring UX designer who had the opportunity to speak with two experienced designers through Out of Office Hours, I wanted to share the perspective of fellow newcomers like myself. Through some research, I found Nyah and here is what I learned about her.

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Realizations through learning UX

At one point a classmate said something along the lines of… I don’t know what to do, as I don’t know what the outcome should be, what is the purpose of this exercise? Immediately that struck a cord with me as I had the same thoughts only two semesters prior. I played along and didn’t share with the others what I knew. Then another classmate asked the professor how he wanted us to implement the structure. To which the professor called on me to answer that student’s question; essentially revealing that I understood something they did not.

At that moment I came to a realization.

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Affinity diagrams: tips and tricks

I recently had to complete a project which involved making an affinity diagram using hundreds of sticky notes. The process was time consuming and tedious but my teammate and I were able to get it done! Here are my tips for using Affinity Diagrams:

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How Duolingo converted me with their awesome on-boarding process

I don’t use a lot of apps. When I do, it is usually a very short lived phased in which I end up deleting or abandoning it within a couple weeks.

When testing out Duolingo for learning Spanish I found the on-boarding process easy and enjoyable. Surprisingly, I was inclined to enter my real information and become a regular user. Here is how they did it:

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