Reentry Campaign

 Encouraging employers to hire formerly incarcerated citizens


Background and Constraints

Growing up in a poor inner city Philadelphia neighborhood, I still know people with non-violent criminal backgrounds struggling to get back on their feet. In undergrad I took a class to understand more about the criminal justice system and causes of recidivism in cities. One cause is a lack of work opportunities.

When I started this project there were no web campaigns to support formerly incarcerated. I had only two weeknights to design and develop my own. 



  • Encourage employers to hire returning citizens
  • Bring awareness to recidivism


Pulling at Users heartstrings

Do you know those commercials which ask you to adopt pets or donate money to feed the hungry? What they all have in common is that they tell captivating stories and used imagery to cause emotional reactions in their audience. I decided my webpage would need to impact employers emotionally and have a clear call to action similar to those advertisements. 


Research and Storytelling

I found stories of formerly incarcerated citizen who became successful. After reading through them all I found what they all had in common - they were all given a chance by someone who had the power to give them a lucrative opportunity. I decided to combine the stories together to create a persona on which to frame a unique story. My call-to-action would allow them to be connected to a profile of a real person who they could hire.



After writing the story, finding photos and some minor image editing I then developed the webpage. My professor helped by supplying the code to give the page a parallax effect. I added the imagery and customized the code to suit my content.

See the page here on github. 



The web page won second place in a storytelling challenge for my Essentials of Interaction Design class. 


I realized that small ideas have potential to make a huge impact in the lives of others. I never imagined that the skills I currently posses could be enough to drastically benefit the lives of others. With the technology that exists today, I know that the smallest idea can be shared enough to gain traction and interest. Someone just has to start it. I hope to one day make this campaign a reality.